It no longer looks as somber — so happy you encouraged me to go with the bolder fabric!! It’s just what I wanted.
— JC, Lexington
Everything we talked about today was extremely helpful. I have some decisions to make, but they’re all good choices! I will be in touch soon.
— TO, Sudbury
That was a marriage-saving insight, Kathryn. Thank you so much.
— SW, Salem

Good design should speak to the heart of the occupant. Functionality is not enough; in order to delight the spirit, a space must also resonate with its daily inhabitants on a personal level.


My name is Kathryn Goldenoak, and I delight in helping people create home spaces that celebrate who they are. I hold a master’s degree in interior architecture & design, and am passionate about the psychology of space and the idea of Home.  

How I can help you:

My job is to make your life less stressful. With professional design help, the project experience becomes less fraught, and more fun. 

I bring fresh perspective to your design challenges, as well as insights and ideas you may not have considered. Putting my experience to work for you can also help avoid costly oversights and mistakes.

Design projects involve many decisions, choosing from a seemingly infinite array of options. I can save you both time and hassle by editing down your choices to selections which fit within your tastes and budget.

What I do:

I help clients create home spaces which resonate with them on a personal level while meeting their functionality needs. I assist clients in defining and expressing their own style, tailoring choices specifically to fit their preferences while envisioning the bigger picture as a cohesive whole.

I can help you select furniture, fixtures, finishes, and equipment, but my services are not limited to decorative elements. Space planning is an integral part of good design, and incorporates functionality considerations and optimal room layout. I can also help you envision non-load-bearing architectural changes in your home. I have additional experience with lighting design, construction documentation, and electrical planning.

For couples and families with divergent tastes, I'm a neutral third party.  Often there is a hidden common ground in these instances, which I enjoy finding and expanding upon.  In situations where there is no common ground to be had, I help mediate agreeable solutions in a friendly and nonjudgmental format.

Let's connect:

If you've got a design challenge, large or small, please give me a call at (617) 575-2862.  I look forward to hearing about your home project!